American Boricua On the Road

Piri Beso

Descanse En Paz Piri Thomas

It is with deep grief that I share the news of the passing of poet and author Piri Thomas. Through the years we developed a treasured friendship and became family. He really is a beloved Tío. Tío Piri, as I mourn your passing the hardest thing is accepting a world without you in it. I […]

Welcome to American Boricua

American Boricua is the first modern visual history of Puerto Rican life in all 50 states of the U.S.  Wanda is traveling throughout the country to interview and photograph Boricuas who live, work, love, and carry on the business of being Puerto Rican here in the United States. What most people do not know about […]

Wanda Benvenutti: Boricua Puerto Rican Life in the American West

The world of Don Jibaro and American Boricua on Facebook

Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 04:22 PM About five years ago, when I found myself in Orange County, (Southern California version) I met several OC Boricuas who insisted that I meet Don Jibaro. So off we all went to the home of Orlando, a kind and funny gentleman who was a rock musician of all things […]