American Boricua in Memphis

I recently had the incredible fortune to meet mi gente in and around Memphis, Tennessee. Meet the amazing American Boricua Alvis Otero, who is doing incredible work with the Latino community. The learn more about the important work of Latino Memphis:


2 Responses to “American Boricua in Memphis”

  1. Damaris Vila says:

    Recently read your story about your road trip to Memphis and being followed by a cop. I was so nervous reading it. Please be careful always, mija. Don’t ever let down your guard. Your story was amazing and very real. Your photos touch my soul. Thank you for your work! My daughter is also a writer, a mainland born Boricua who grew up in the South…she writes about PR and about being a Rican girl in the South…you ladies have lots of gifts to share. Dios te bendiga!

    • Wanda says:

      Gracias Damaris! Have you been talking to my Mom?!? : ) I do my best to stay calm while I’m on the road and appreciate your concern for my safety. Our story is an important one and I am nearly done with the entire mainland U.S. map. Kind thoughts like yours help keep me going! My best to you and your daughter. ((Abrazos))

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